The Highlights of Fall

It’s been a great year so far. I can’t believe it’s fall already. So much has been happening in my camp lately it’s a bit too much to take it all in sometimes.

Highlights Illustrator Workshop

Last week I was invited to spend the weekend at the Highlights Foundation in Honesdale, PA for the Highlights Illustrator’s Workshop specifically for new for New Highlights Illustrators! From the moment we arrived till the weekend ended it was such a memorable and amazing experience.



I  had the privilege of staying in the founders original home which was so beautiful, everything remained intact and well-preserved including the family library which had their collection of child psychology books from 1900’s.  Pretty darn neat!




Most of the weekend activities were spent at The Barn, an open space specifically for workshop activities and dining…Oh! speaking of dining..the food was an absolute treat! There was something for everyone’s palette and most of the food was locally grown and organic. It was one of the most refreshing dining experiences I’ve ever experienced.




Now I’m NOT going to go into detail about the workshop itself just incase you are one of the newer artists that happen to stumble onto this blog looking for insights on what to expect at a Highlights Workshop. I’d like to keep you guessing and excited for whats waiting for you! But…if you are a bit more curious about the details of our weekend check out Rich Powell’s blog post about our weekend here. Just know that it’s an amazing time with a great group of people who share the same passion for children’s art as you do. The camaraderie you build in such a short amount of time is just outstanding and leaves such an impression.


I can’t say this enough, I had the most amazing time that a week later I’m still riding the Highlights high! 


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