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A Tribute to Dr.Seuss


I’m super excited to be apart of this years Children’s Book Art Silent Auctions at the BEA this May, 28th! This years auction has a special showcase tribute on everyones beloved storyteller Dr. Seuss.


This 8×8 print which is printed on Premium Giclee Paper is on its way to the ABFFE offices and ready for its new home! If you’re interested in participating in this years auction which supports the fight against book censorship please visit the ABFFE website more information about attending this years showcase. {}

Excited to see you at the show!


IF: Exotic

smelly yet so tasty!

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Philippines lately and thought I would continue my Filipino Series on Etsy. {Here’s a link to the store: }

Tuyo is a type of salted dried herring widely known amongst Filipinos. I grew up on this stuff…I didn’t like it much {but just try telling Grandma that..I dare you!} I think its strong pungent smell just turned me off…but once you get past that its actually quite tasty!

Tuyo would usually be served for breakfast in grandmas house with rice, tomatoes, and black coffee and some fresh pandisal (filipino bread rolls).  Which in and of itself is a bit exotic in these parts of the woods!

Geez..I just made my self hungry.


Happy Tummy Weekend!



Happy Thanksgiving!image001-1

 I hope your holiday is filled with gratitude, love, stretchy pants, and all that good stuff!

on a another note…


My husband and I decided to start a blog together….fun! Check out our latest hunt for the perfect udon and other stuff at …I had a bit too much wine when I chose that name…don’t judge me.

Happy Monday!

The Mega Overdue Update

Oh my!!

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I’ve last updated this blog! So much has been happened in the past year that I’ve been wanting to share with you but finding the time has been such a challenge. Thankfully, I am slowly getting back in the swing of things and I’m happy to say: I’m Back!!

The past year has been so much fun! I’d gotten to work with so many incredibly creative people and worked on some really fun projects!

KidsBeat App

Over the sumer of 2012 I had a chance to work with the wonderful people at Smart Education and created backgrounds for their fun app called “KidsBeat“. It’s like Guitar Hero for kids. Took me a while to get to the next levels! This app is available for your ipad and iPhones now.


Dawn’s Hiccups 

Last fall I had a chance to work on one of the books for Oxford Press’sWorld Phonics Reader Series entitled “Dawn’s Hiccups“. It’s a read-a-long (slash) activity book for kids between 7-9 years old.  The story is about a girl named Dawn who is about to perform on stage and she suddenly gets the hiccups and the many ways her family and friends try to help her get rid of her hiccups…I like holding my breath and counting to 30…how about you? This was my first project with a publishing company! And I was so excited to be apart of this.


Magic Wagon’s: Readers Theater Series 

In the beginning of this year, I had a chance to work with the good people at the Magic Wagon (ABDO Publishing) to create a series of illustrations for their Readers Theater Series. This was such a fun project to work on, the stories were so lively and it guides kids and teachers on how to put together a production in any available space or environment. A great source for teachers and parents alike.


Tiggly Kids

This past summer I was introduced to an imaginative group of people who are in the process of creating a series of apps using shapes and colors! I’m helping create objects and background for them in which I’m very excited to share with you!! But for now here’s an introduction on this fabulous team.


And finally, in the midst of all the tidal waves of opportunities and experiences…


We managed to plan our wedding and finally got married this September! (More pictures to come for sure.)

Now, that all the wedding plans are over I can’t wait to get back to work.

Until next time!

We Live Beneath The Waves

There’s no way FLUID would get into this super duper high tech waterproof submarine!

I wasn’t planning on putting anything up for this weeks IF, but this seemed to fit the theme. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! The line work of this super awesome submarine was done by my nephew, Ralph Allen.

3 or so weeks ago, I came home to find this envelope in our kitchen table. Inside this thick envelope were awesome drawings of dinosaurs and other doodles from my 7 yr old nephew.

Tucked inside all these crazy dino sketches was this amazing looking contraption that I couldn’t keep my eyes off of.

His line work was so great and detailed and I thought how great would this be colored!? So I traced Ralph Allens line work, added some details and a background… It came out great!
This idea was inspired by Dave Devries‘s Monster Engine.

 It is such a rewarding feeling knowing I’ve made an impact in his creative explorations. I wasn’t going to let his work go unnoticed as this definitely deserved more than a simple “Thank You“. This was a perfect way to thank him for sharing his work with me! :)

Stars on Canvas

Got a special package from the UK over the weekend! I’m honored to be taking part in contributing artwork for The Willow Foundation‘s “Stars on Canvas” charity event taking place some time this winter of 2012. Stars on Canvas is an online auction that raises money to support and provide psychological and emotional support for the seriously ill from age 16 to 40 years of age.

I don’t think I can tell you how much pleasure I get out of knowing that I’m able to contribute to causes like these, I really do feel grateful that I’m able to help out others the best possible way I know how! I can’t wait to get started.

This blank canvas is pretty intimidating. Not only is it smaller than how I usually work, it also takes me out of my digital comfort zone! There also seems to be no theme which I find quite challenging. Totally excited!! Hopefully I’ll come up with an idea soon! Will post updates.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in participating in this years Stars on Canvas do contact Hannah Doogan at Hannah{DOT}Doogan{AT} She’d be happy to provide you more information on this great cause!

Give Love

An oldie but still one of my faves.



One Happy Family

Last month, I was given the opportunity to create a family portrait for an expecting mommy and her expanding family. This was one of the most enjoyable commissions I’ve received thus far. She was such a joy to work with and this is just about the most laid back family I’ve ever met.

The thing(s) I enjoy most about private commissions, is that there’s a bit more freedom in terms of what I add to each piece, whether it be playing around with new textures or brushes or a new technique etc. Private commissions allow me to grow which is just about the most rewarding experiences one can receive as an artist.

Yayers. Hope the family enjoys this as much as I do!

Calista and Chloe

A private commission for a good friend. A gift for his wife and daughter for Calista’s 1st birthday! (so sweet.) This kid unbelievably cute. Apparently this is exactly the kind of love that Calista and Chloe have for one another. It’s interesting how their cat doesn’t claw her, if I tried to do that to my cat I’d hear grumbling followed by an intense need to squirm and claw her way out of my grip…I tried this last week..

The final image was 15×16″ so it needed to be custom framed. Had a hard time trying to find a custom frame shop that would be able to finish the frame on time for her 1st birthday. But luckily we found someone who got it done 3 days after the Thanksgiving weekend.  They did a lovely job at that. I hope they love it as much as I do.

 Tabitha got a little jealous during the unwrapping.



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