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Filipino Breakfast (part duex)

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. Since creating Filipino breakfast a few years ago, which featured my ever so favorite SPAM slices (yum),  I’ve gotten a few request to make another print with longganisa (filipino sweet sausage links).



Mmmmm… seriously hungered right now. NOW AVAILABLE on my Etsy page here! I kept it looking fairly similar to the original Filipino Breakfast for anyone interested in ordering both. And because of the tragic events that have been happening in where my roots are, from now until 2/28/2014 PROFITS OF THIS PRINT WILL BE DONATED TO UNICEF & REDCROSS FOR CONTINUED SUPPORT FOR THOSE AFFECTED BY HURRICANE HAIYAN.

Thank you <3

Love & Peace Fam, until next time!


Betta Beta than Nothin…

Haha I look like that creepy girl from The Ring

It’s a week late. But  Beautifique Homemade is finally up.

I actually wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to make this site live or not yet because there’s still a whole lot of stuff to do. So I’m considering this the beta version until I figure everything out. I just didn’t want to prolong it from being live anymore as I did set up a deadline for this. It’s still pretty empty, but thankfully I’ve managed to finish setting up most of the hard stuff….! Stay tuned for more updates! Until then…

Happy Hump Day!

A Creatively Delicious Gathering

Last Thursday I had a pleasure of visiting the fabulously decorated  boutique of designer Michele Varian (in SoHo) for the Creative Inc. book signing event where I got to meet and greet with the wonderful authors of such a resourceful book (and might I add so well designed), Meg Mateo Ilasco and Joy Deangdeelert Cho! It was quite a turn out! It was so great to see such an overwhelming amount of people who came out to show their love and support to these two very talented and inspiring women. I wish them and this book much success!


Changing Faces

Oh thank goodness I’m finally done with a significant part of this revamp project. If you’ve been visiting the blog and studio lately it’s undergone a slight face lift but I’m glad we’re coming close to the finish line. Now I can focus my energy on the gazillion and one other things to get done like setting up the boutique which I haven’t touched since last week because of this main site over haul.

Bah. I’m going to stop now before I bore you to death with my nerdy babble. Have fun looking around the new (old) site! Let me know if you find any problems while navigating your way around it.

Yes, I read…videos

I el-oh-vee-hee Chronicle Books. In fact, one of my goals would be to work on a project with them some day (preferably illustrating your next children’s book in case your reading this Chronicle Books) hah!.

But anyway because of their wicked cute video (below) I’m sold and can’t wait to buy a copy of Creative Inc. written by Meg Mateo Ilasco and Joy Deangdeelert Cho. It really looks like an awesome resource for creatives who have or are thinking about starting their own business. If you already have a copy I’d love to get your opinion on it.

Too cute! I wish them much success!

DUMBO Arts Festival 2010

DUMBO Arts FestivalDUMBO Arts Festival
DUMBO Arts FestivalDUMBO Arts Festival
DUMBO Arts FestivalDUMBO Arts Festival
DUMBO Arts FestivalDUMBO Arts Festival

The DUMBO Arts Festival is always a fun (and might I add free) way to spend a weekend. There’s always a ton of installations and artwork to take in it which can be a bit overwhelming at times but art is suppose to overwhelm..right? We got there a little late last Saturday night but we still managed to see some thought provoking (or mind numbing which ever direction you prefer to go) shows like Eric Corriel, “DUMBO Underwater” which was right across the street from Adam Matta‘s sidewalk performance as a “human beatbox”. Walking into this annual festival I had to be prepared to take in the creativity that sprung out from every which way which is what makes this one of my favorite art festivals in NYC because it feels more like a ride than anything else. This festival is what I always imagine the cirque du soleil family would be doing behind the scenes and during their down time..hehe. An overall good weekend for me…now back to work. HAPPY MONDAY!

Have a Holly Jolly…Autumn?!

Christmas Radio’s playing on Pandora, drinking a nice cup of hot coco, doodling snow flakes, reindeers and elves …tis that time of the year again! At the studio at least. Lately I’ve been in complete holiday mode busy preparing for the season rush. Having a ton of fun creating illustrations and design ideas, but what I’m mostly excited about is that a lot of this years cards are predominantly inspired by Parols (traditional Filipino Christmas lanterns).

Growing up I’ve always been fascinated with Christmas Parols. I love everything about them, from the various types of designs, their intricate details, to the scent of baked ube in which I’ve somehow associated them with. Traditionally Parols have two components, the five pointed star and a pair of tails to represent rays of light (think shooting star) which symbolizes the star of Bethlehem that guided the Three Wise Men on their journey. Above is a sneak peek look at this years Parol inspired cards. More updates on this in the weeks ahead!

Happy Thursday!

I heart your tuts

the Etsy Blog

I usually don’t like getting generic emails from the gazillion online communities I’m apart of, nor do I take the time to open, read and exert my clicking finger to explore the spam-in-disguise-as-a-friendly-email even further. But I’ve got to admit I’m a sucker for Etsy’s blog updates. They’ve got such a great team of bloggers who know just what it takes to inspire .. check out the latest blog about how to photograph 2D art. I totally appreciate the pic by pic play !

Here are a few more Etsy How To Faves: (in no particular order)

Handmade code: Pocket Shop

Etsy Success: Web Analytics Tips

Merch: October Delights

UK EDITION: Photography Tips

A Pirates Life equals Treasury!

Oh those two pirates!

Check out the wonderful collection of Pirate Lovin’ at IvyRoad’s  Treasury ! A list of awesome finds. I’m still pretty amazed at the talent that makes Etsy a truly one of a kind community.  So proud that our boys made it to the list! THANKS IVY ROAD! Happy Friday!

Coming Soon! Can’t Wait!

Ahhh! So much to do this week and for many weeks ahead!

Taking some time off from juggling work and work and..WORK to express my uncontainable excitement in the upcoming launch of the Boutique! I’ve still got a lot of things to iron out in the weeks ahead before that happens but its definitely taking shape! And hopefully will be ready of its official launching just in time for Halloween! YAYAYAY! Also with this I decided to revamp the portfolio and blog just so everything looks consistent so be sure to come back for those updates soon too.

Happy happy Thursday!

Only 2 days away from my bday! WEE!

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