Pumpkins and Things..


This year’s fall promo piece features this little baker and her rather skeptic kitty cat.

I can’t believe it’s already the end of october and Halloween is just days away. We’ve been so busy lately that we’ve hardly had any time to carve our yearly pumpkin. But last night we made a point to sit down and get it done before we leave for our trip to Vegas..(yes, we’re spending our Halloween in Vegas! Woop woop..now if only I wasn’t 18 weeks preggers..boo) 


Here’s the final result. It’s quite a cheery jack o lantern..here’s hoping no one steals it!

(I’ve heard it happens..)



The Highlights of Fall

It’s been a great year so far. I can’t believe it’s fall already. So much has been happening in my camp lately it’s a bit too much to take it all in sometimes.

Highlights Illustrator Workshop

Last week I was invited to spend the weekend at the Highlights Foundation in Honesdale, PA for the Highlights Illustrator’s Workshop specifically for new for New Highlights Illustrators! From the moment we arrived till the weekend ended it was such a memorable and amazing experience.



I  had the privilege of staying in the founders original home which was so beautiful, everything remained intact and well-preserved including the family library which had their collection of child psychology books from 1900’s.  Pretty darn neat!




Most of the weekend activities were spent at The Barn, an open space specifically for workshop activities and dining…Oh! speaking of dining..the food was an absolute treat! There was something for everyone’s palette and most of the food was locally grown and organic. It was one of the most refreshing dining experiences I’ve ever experienced.




Now I’m NOT going to go into detail about the workshop itself just incase you are one of the newer artists that happen to stumble onto this blog looking for insights on what to expect at a Highlights Workshop. I’d like to keep you guessing and excited for whats waiting for you! But…if you are a bit more curious about the details of our weekend check out Rich Powell’s blog post about our weekend here. Just know that it’s an amazing time with a great group of people who share the same passion for children’s art as you do. The camaraderie you build in such a short amount of time is just outstanding and leaves such an impression.


I can’t say this enough, I had the most amazing time that a week later I’m still riding the Highlights high! 


Hi there! boo on me for lack of updates! Summer’s been busy for me.

Working on a few things I can’t wait to share, but it probably won’t be for a while. In the meantime here’s a spread I did last November for National Geographic I believe it was published last March so I’m assuming its ok to share. More to come for this year and next! Can’t wait! I hope you guys are having a great a summer as I am! Cheers!

natgeo_large“The Sun Song”
© National Geographic – Learning Cengage 2013.

IF: Voyage

Pirate_Tub_SIDEAThis makes for quite an interesting voyage!

Working on fun things this week. Starting with a fun little spread about a family of birds. I love that I get to flex some background work in this one..I always loved working on buildings and such.


 More updates on this to come.

Until then Happy Week!

Under the Sea Friends!

Just finished up these Ocean themed critters! My fave is the whale. :)

They’re available now in the Etsy Store!



get them now at:
Etsy    or     TpT

Sweet Summer Fun Series

I’ve been busy working on my digital shop over at Etsy lately. It’s so addicting coming up with new items, themes and sets..who knew I’d have such a fun time making these little ditties! Check them out at the new digital download store on Etsy!



sweet_summer_harvestget them now at:
Etsy    or     TpT

A Tribute to Dr.Seuss


I’m super excited to be apart of this years Children’s Book Art Silent Auctions at the BEA this May, 28th! This years auction has a special showcase tribute on everyones beloved storyteller Dr. Seuss.


This 8×8 print which is printed on Premium Giclee Paper is on its way to the ABFFE offices and ready for its new home! If you’re interested in participating in this years auction which supports the fight against book censorship please visit the ABFFE website more information about attending this years showcase. {www.abffe.org}

Excited to see you at the show!


Freebie Friday!

New addition to the blog!


I’ve been obsessing over creating cute little clip arts lately. Mostly ’cause I never have any handy when someone asks me to make invitations, birthday cards, etc. In doing so I thought I’d share a free downloadable file to you every friday. Here’s this weeks download {just in time for Easter!}:


click here to download


I thought this would also be the perfect time to announce
I have a new store on Etsy!

Beautifique Digital is where you can find all sorts of digital downloadable goodies.
It’s a little bare right now, but come visit me often. More updates on the way!



On Deck 9 – SkateBurd

Earlier this year I’d gotten the heads up {YAY!} that I’d been given the opportunity to contribute to On Deck 9 an annual art auction by the good people of the Missoula Skatepark Association {MSA} to raise money to upkeep their beloved MOBASH skatepark. I love being able to be part of a community that promotes outdoor activities and I get to paint on a skateboard once again, which is always pretty pluckin’ rad

So just finished this piece and is on its way to Montana to be displayed at the Brink Gallery from April 18th through the month of May.

If your interested in bidding on this piece or ANY of the wonderful work in the gallery the bidding starts on April 18th and ends on May 1st.  For additional info visit our friends at MSA: www.montanaskatepark.org/ondeck .








 Happy Bidding folks!!!


Working on a quite a few things this month. Including this nautical themed illustration. And what started off at a day in the beach for these kids..


ended up a day in the backyard..


Pirate_Tub_3 then a flight on a magical bath tub and a bird stealing their lunch..

I don’t know what sparks these ideas in my head..they just demand to be created sometimes. hehe. Can’t wait to see them finished though.

Until next time!


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