A Tribute to Dr.Seuss


I’m super excited to be apart of this years Children’s Book Art Silent Auctions at the BEA this May, 28th! This years auction has a special showcase tribute on everyones beloved storyteller Dr. Seuss.


This 8×8 print which is printed on Premium Giclee Paper is on its way to the ABFFE offices and ready for its new home! If you’re interested in participating in this years auction which supports the fight against book censorship please visit the ABFFE website more information about attending this years showcase. {www.abffe.org}

Excited to see you at the show!


Freebie Friday!

New addition to the blog!


I’ve been obsessing over creating cute little clip arts lately. Mostly ’cause I never have any handy when someone asks me to make invitations, birthday cards, etc. In doing so I thought I’d share a free downloadable file to you every friday. Here’s this weeks download {just in time for Easter!}:


click here to download


I thought this would also be the perfect time to announce
I have a new store on Etsy!

Beautifique Digital is where you can find all sorts of digital downloadable goodies.
It’s a little bare right now, but come visit me often. More updates on the way!



On Deck 9 – SkateBurd

Earlier this year I’d gotten the heads up {YAY!} that I’d been given the opportunity to contribute to On Deck 9 an annual art auction by the good people of the Missoula Skatepark Association {MSA} to raise money to upkeep their beloved MOBASH skatepark. I love being able to be part of a community that promotes outdoor activities and I get to paint on a skateboard once again, which is always pretty pluckin’ rad

So just finished this piece and is on its way to Montana to be displayed at the Brink Gallery from April 18th through the month of May.

If your interested in bidding on this piece or ANY of the wonderful work in the gallery the bidding starts on April 18th and ends on May 1st.  For additional info visit our friends at MSA: www.montanaskatepark.org/ondeck .








 Happy Bidding folks!!!


Working on a quite a few things this month. Including this nautical themed illustration. And what started off at a day in the beach for these kids..


ended up a day in the backyard..


Pirate_Tub_3 then a flight on a magical bath tub and a bird stealing their lunch..

I don’t know what sparks these ideas in my head..they just demand to be created sometimes. hehe. Can’t wait to see them finished though.

Until next time!


Rrrrrawr..! I’m a pink dinosaur (?)

I love pjs especially onesies!

I have a pair of ninja turtle onesies I have yet to wear myself….

(yes, I’m over 30 and I’m awesome)




Playing with light and color all week in the middle of this ice storm. Seriously, someone turn off this snow machineA bit of a work in progress here. A rough coloring of one of the illustrations I’m working on this week. She looks quite menacing..and I like it!  Her friends don’t seem to mind it either.

IF: Exotic

smelly yet so tasty!

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Philippines lately and thought I would continue my Filipino Series on Etsy. {Here’s a link to the store: www.etsy.com/shop/beautifique }

Tuyo is a type of salted dried herring widely known amongst Filipinos. I grew up on this stuff…I didn’t like it much {but just try telling Grandma that..I dare you!} I think its strong pungent smell just turned me off…but once you get past that its actually quite tasty!

Tuyo would usually be served for breakfast in grandmas house with rice, tomatoes, and black coffee and some fresh pandisal (filipino bread rolls).  Which in and of itself is a bit exotic in these parts of the woods!

Geez..I just made my self hungry.


Been obsessed with gypsy #caravans lately and #Legos and #cats! #illo52weeks #illustrator #beautifique #happythursday


 While the cats away..or rather stuck..this mouse with Waltz!

I absolutely love, playing with textured brushes. Finding or creating a new textured brush that works well with an illustration is like finding a shoe sale.. for just your size feet!

(sorry was that too girly?)

So, I’ve been playing around with integrating all of my social media outlets and because I have a bazillion accounts that all connect in on way or another it may look like I’ve posted the same stuff twice or thrice or nowhere at all …bare with me!

I’m also thinking of scheduling my bi-weekly blog post between 2-5pm between Mondays and Wednesdays…(starting next week!)

until then..

Happy Creating!

I wish I could have as much fun in the snow as these kids…but it’s just too darn cold in NY. I tried building a snowman but it ended up being a very large ant hill..

Been a busy few days in 2014. Been meaning to do minor updates to the website and I’m psyched I finally have some time! ..and Yay! I’ve finally had the chance to put up some work on the Directory of Illustrators website check it out when you get a chance.

Hope everyone’s having a great start to the new year. A lot of great things to come this year!! I can’t wait to share it with you, but until then HAPPY creating!


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