Yay! I finally received my copies of the January spread I did for Highlights Magazine! Love love LOVE how the colors came out on this one.

I hope you guys get to pick up a copy! 


So for those that don’t know yet, we’re expecting our first baby!! Yipee!!! I’m nearing my final trimester, there are two books in the pipeline with very tight back to back deadlines so I’m trying my best to beat the 3rd trimester fatigue and getting as much done as I can while I CAN!

I’ve been so wrapped up with work lately it’s been challenging to find the time to indulge in any holiday fun. But this weekend I put my foot on the breaks and was finally able to let myself indulge in some seasonal goodies. It was a nice and much needed break!


All the while I was working over the weekend on sketches for them, I received this little fun card from the team at ABDO. Thanks ABDO!


We finally found time to actually buy a tree (his name is “Monty”) and make some christmas cookies for the postman and a few of our dearest and nearest…I wrapped them fast this year, or else they’d all end up in my belly..hee hee. I tell yah, there’s nothing like taking in some holiday music and the smell of cookies and pine to get you caught right up in all this season cheer!!

Happy Holidays!!

Weekend Re-Cap

It’s been quite a busy weekend full of baptisms and weddings and creative events. So exhausted, but it was all worth it.

This past Saturday we attended the Carousel for Kids event at Dixon Place (NYC) which was hosted by R. Sikoryak and Neil Numberman. It’s a yearly event where these wonderful writers and illustrators read their zany comics and other creations to kids of all ages! It was pretty entertaining!


The best part was when they picked some kids in the audience to help them read their comics. And most of the kids were so gung-ho about volunteering.




This past Sunday I attended my first ever CBIG portfolio review where we were all given the opportunity to speak with 2 editors or art directors of our choice and share our work with them one on one. What a great experience!



An editor from Penguin Group suggested I venture into drawing for older kids and experiment more with lettering. It’s actually something I’d been meaning to explore a bit more so you might be seeing more tweens  and tween themed illustrations in the coming months.

My favorite part of the afternoon was seeing other peoples work and book dummies. It was all so inspiring. Here’s hoping I get inspired enough to write a story myself soon!

Oh and don’t forget to check out the December issue of Highlights for Children to find this little dittie I did over the summer!


Wishing you all a Happy &  Creative Week!!


Business or Pleasure?

unnamed-11Worked on some fun sketches all week and I can’t wait to share the finals with you!

The hubby and I took a quick trip to Vegas last week. Although it was mostly a business trip rather than a pleasure trip, we managed to squeeze in a little bit of fun in between our chaotic schedules.
vegas14I’ve never been to Vegas in the fall..I hadn’t realized how enchanting this place can be. If you get a chance to go this fall I highly recommend it. The weather seems great this time of the year.


This is pretty much what I saw all of last week..I’m not complaining!!


Pumpkins and Things..


This year’s fall promo piece features this little baker and her rather skeptic kitty cat.

I can’t believe it’s already the end of october and Halloween is just days away. We’ve been so busy lately that we’ve hardly had any time to carve our yearly pumpkin. But last night we made a point to sit down and get it done before we leave for our trip to Vegas..(yes, we’re spending our Halloween in Vegas! Woop woop..now if only I wasn’t 18 weeks preggers..boo) 


Here’s the final result. It’s quite a cheery jack o lantern..here’s hoping no one steals it!

(I’ve heard it happens..)



The Highlights of Fall

It’s been a great year so far. I can’t believe it’s fall already. So much has been happening in my camp lately it’s a bit too much to take it all in sometimes.

Highlights Illustrator Workshop

Last week I was invited to spend the weekend at the Highlights Foundation in Honesdale, PA for the Highlights Illustrator’s Workshop specifically for new for New Highlights Illustrators! From the moment we arrived till the weekend ended it was such a memorable and amazing experience.



I  had the privilege of staying in the founders original home which was so beautiful, everything remained intact and well-preserved including the family library which had their collection of child psychology books from 1900’s.  Pretty darn neat!




Most of the weekend activities were spent at The Barn, an open space specifically for workshop activities and dining…Oh! speaking of dining..the food was an absolute treat! There was something for everyone’s palette and most of the food was locally grown and organic. It was one of the most refreshing dining experiences I’ve ever experienced.




Now I’m NOT going to go into detail about the workshop itself just incase you are one of the newer artists that happen to stumble onto this blog looking for insights on what to expect at a Highlights Workshop. I’d like to keep you guessing and excited for whats waiting for you! But…if you are a bit more curious about the details of our weekend check out Rich Powell’s blog post about our weekend here. Just know that it’s an amazing time with a great group of people who share the same passion for children’s art as you do. The camaraderie you build in such a short amount of time is just outstanding and leaves such an impression.


I can’t say this enough, I had the most amazing time that a week later I’m still riding the Highlights high! 


Hi there! boo on me for lack of updates! Summer’s been busy for me.

Working on a few things I can’t wait to share, but it probably won’t be for a while. In the meantime here’s a spread I did last November for National Geographic I believe it was published last March so I’m assuming its ok to share. More to come for this year and next! Can’t wait! I hope you guys are having a great a summer as I am! Cheers!

natgeo_large“The Sun Song”
© National Geographic – Learning Cengage 2013.

IF: Voyage

Pirate_Tub_SIDEAThis makes for quite an interesting voyage!

Working on fun things this week. Starting with a fun little spread about a family of birds. I love that I get to flex some background work in this one..I always loved working on buildings and such.


 More updates on this to come.

Until then Happy Week!

Under the Sea Friends!

Just finished up these Ocean themed critters! My fave is the whale. :)

They’re available now in the Etsy Store!



get them now at:
Etsy    or     TpT

Sweet Summer Fun Series

I’ve been busy working on my digital shop over at Etsy lately. It’s so addicting coming up with new items, themes and sets..who knew I’d have such a fun time making these little ditties! Check them out at the new digital download store on Etsy!



sweet_summer_harvestget them now at:
Etsy    or     TpT

A Tribute to Dr.Seuss


I’m super excited to be apart of this years Children’s Book Art Silent Auctions at the BEA this May, 28th! This years auction has a special showcase tribute on everyones beloved storyteller Dr. Seuss.


This 8×8 print which is printed on Premium Giclee Paper is on its way to the ABFFE offices and ready for its new home! If you’re interested in participating in this years auction which supports the fight against book censorship please visit the ABFFE website more information about attending this years showcase. {www.abffe.org}

Excited to see you at the show!


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