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That’s where I put up most of my updates and fun experimental stuff like this Filipino Folk Dancer. So if you want to know what I’m up to, you know where to find me!! Happy May Y’all!!

It’s been quite a week. Keeping up with current events has…well..I don’t even want to go there.

But this little ditty I’ve been working on all week reminds me how beauty and colors can be found in our differences.

That and I miss food trucks…not many food trucks around these parts of town. But we have a surplus of Quick Checks and WaWas..(why!?)

It’s a pretty good day when all I did was play with textures all day!

I’m always trying to incorporate more textures for a more organic vibe to my work. This new promo piece a combination of textures and water color brushes. More of these two characters to come.

If anyone has any texture techniques they’d like to share with me, happy to hear about your process!

Oh hey 2017!

The holiday season came and went so fast this year it will probably fall into the blurry canyons of my memory. My attempts to hold on to every bit of what I know I will soon be calling “The Good Old Days” seems to be failing. Our daughter is a full pledged toddler now (so fast) and taking every minute she has during the day to discover her world. Finding a balance between being an illustrator and mommy is a constant uphill battle…but don’t worry, I got this!

I have a lot of expectations about this new year and I hope 2017 meets them all. Time will only tell where this slightly new style will take me but I sure am having fun rediscovering some old skill set and experimenting with new techniques. More things to come from me this year so stay tuned!

…but today is SNOW DAY! Have a great year everyone!!


Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Highlights for Children Magazine. You can find this rebus I’ve illustrated for the January 2017 issue.

New Old Stuff

Just about finished with this website revamp. Very “plain Jane” but I’ll adjust as I move along.

I’ve added a new “Art + Design” on this website for all the miscellaneous art work I’ve been working on. Please feel free to look around.


Here’s my winter mittens design I made recently. A fun example of what you’d fine in this section.

I’ve spent way too much time on this already I need to go back to making and creating because all this backend front end side end stuff is making me sleepy and itchy.

A Plethora of Updates

15-month_160106-6aChanges galore! It’s been a while since I’ve even touched this website. Glad I finally had the time to work on it.  Just updated my “Kids Publishing” section with a few projects I’ve done this year as well as previous years. This one was for a parenting book project I’d done for Rosa + Wesley earlier this year. Check out more from this project here.